Ibiza restaurants: Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas – Mediterranean manifesto

Innovation is the key to success, especially when it comes to restaurants. No one knows this better than Düesi Wolfmeir, Anita Dey and David Phillips of Boutique Hostal Salinas. The all-new, in-house restaurant concept at Ibiza’s first boutique hostel is a symbol of everything great about local Ibiza cuisine. Restaurant Hostal Salinas is a beacon of lip-smacking deliciousness within the lush forested nature reserve of Ibiza’s glamorous south.

For Düesi, it’s Galician chefs who have mastered the flavours of Spain more than chefs from any other region. Galicia is the cradle of Spanish produce from land and sea and Gallegos seem to have an innate knowledge that produces a subtle northern nuance to both classic and modern dishes. “They grow up around it, their culture is eating and they understand that the produce doesn’t need to be fussed over. It’s perfect as it is,” he enthuses. “The Galician chef is someone who has grown up eating well.” Together with Chef Miguel Casals, the team has created a new menu in homage to the island’s best produce and the country’s culinary heritage.

The compact menu is designed to take full advantage of the freshest produce available on the island each day. Most mornings start with a visit to the market, browsing what has come in fresh from the sea, carefully picking out seasonal vegetables, constantly contemplating what will be the dish of the day or which salad will be enhanced by the season’s harvest. The philosophy is very simple – market fresh seasonal produce prepared to order without fuss. “The produce is so good, you can just let it talk for itself. It doesn’t need any tricks,” Miguel says.

Miguel hails from Ferrol, a port city on the Atlantic coast where the rich ocean stretches out before it and behind are the lush rolling hills of Galicia. It’s a region famous for fish, beef and dairy products. Like so many Spanish chefs he started his cooking life by his grandfather’s side, helping to prepare meals for the family. As head chef at Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas he’s excited to present the new concept. “It’s very fresh, light, perfect for summer. Of course it is a Mediterranean menu but with a personal, Galician, touch.”

The menu has been created to satisfy any culinary craving that may strike. Four salads to choose from are the perfect light lunch or accompaniment to the main meal. Seven entrees cover the gamut of the Med from freshly prepared falafel with homemade hummus to gazpacho and a delectable selection of Spanish cheese. The mains are split into meat or fish with three in each category guaranteeing fresh and juicy flavours. A classic fillet steak is a given as is the homemade gourmet burger or steak tartar. Sea Bass or bream is served traditionally salt baked or grilled with a basil reduction and salmon brochettes served with pico de gallo rounds up the mains.

With his formative years being firmly rooted in the seafood of the north one of Miguel’s personal favourite dishes to prepare and eat is the ceviche. Local white fish is carefully selected from the market and briefly marinated in lime and orange juice, tossed in tomato and onion and topped with a dash of sweetness from seasonal fruits such as peach or apricot. But if you find it too hard to choose, go with a bunch of friends and simply order everything to share and have yourself a very lovely, very Ibiza feast.

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