Rita & Rodolphe recommend: Star sharing dishes at Ginger

Causing a buzz on the island’s gourmet scene in 2015 is Ginger, the all-new restaurant by Sa Punta and Patchwork creators Rita and Rodolphe, thanks to its vibrantly eclectic decor, sensational sunset views and exceptional Asian cuisine concept. The menu is divided into four sections, to satisfy all appetites, with all plates designed to be shared.

Choose from Fresh & Raw; Dumplings; Crispy and Hot Dishes – around three to four plates per person is recommended. We asked Ginger owners – lovers of Asian food themselves – Rita and Rodolphe Sachs to recommend their personal favourite dishes from the plentiful menu  (left to right, above) to create a dream table for sharing! And this is just a taster…

CHICKEN SATAY RAVIOLI – One of the star attractions on the Ginger menu are the silky soft raviolis – all lovingly homemade from scratch by the dedicated Ginger chefs. These delectable bite-sized portions are filled with tender chicken cooked in a sauce of curry, coconut milk and peanuts – the much-loved satay taste of Thailand.

PEKING DUCK ROLLS – Taking the Chinese classic Peking Duck and giving it a unique Ginger spin, the chefs turn this traditional dish into a crispy spring roll style dish, served with the finest homemade Hoisin sauce on the island, made with oyster, plum sauce and sugar – a taste sensation.

SPRING ROLLS – Everyone’s favourite Asian starter, these chunky and crispy parcels are filled with a mix of veggies and prawns (chicken is also available) and served up with delicious dipping sauce.

YELLOW TAIL TIRADITO – Inspired by Nikkei cuisine, fusing Japanese and Peruvain techniques and flavours, these expertly sliced pieces of yellow tail sashimi have been marinated in Ponzu and soy, and topped with green onion to create a lasting impression.

LIME & HONEY SPARE RIBS – Taking further inspiration from kitchens in Thailand and China alike, these slow roasted pork ribs are a taste to be reckoned with. After being marinated in honey, ginger, lime and onion, they then spend six hours of slowly roasting before being crisped up in the oven at the end to create the contrasting texture of crispy on the outside, and melt-in-your-mouth meat on the inside. An absolute must-try.

WILD SEA BASS CEVICHE – Another Nikkei classic, this fresh and zingy ceviche is made using fresh wild sea bass, that has been marinated in a blend of Peruvaian spices, yellow pepper, lime, chilli, coriander, salt and red onion – a dish that is almost too good to share!

SPICY EDAMAME SALAD – Popping little green edamame beans as a palate cleanser between sushi nd sashimi has been a Japanese tradition for eons, and given the Ginger twist, it becomes a delicious cold and raw mixed green bean salad with onions, given just a hint of spice to fire up the flavours.

RED TUNA SASHIMI – Classic, delicious and as soft as silk, these slices of red tuna are marinated in soy and literally melt onto your tongue as you place them into your mouth. Sensual Japanese dining at its best.

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