Cheese Madness at Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

Imagine a cheese platter the size of your head… No, no, we don’t mean you should consume an actual piece of cheese that size. Think a little more literally… in fact, why don’t you let these pictures do the talking!

Sa Brisa Gastro Bar, set in the heart of Ibiza town’s popular Plaza del Parque square, is renowned for its creative cuisine presentation and the cheese platter on the 2016 menu is no exception. Served on silver spoons atop a glossy black mannequin style head, the variety of cheese includes sheep’s cheese served with rosemary and Ibiza mushrooms, a Parmesan serum with pine nuts and basil, ricotta and honey made here on the island, Stilton foam with walnut foam and more.

Whether eaten as a starter, a main or as a complement to a delicious glass of wine, it’s certainly one of the most memorable and delicious dishes you’ll ever be served!