Ibiza restaurants: Certified Black Angus Low Loin at Salvia at Ca Na Xica

With an extensive menu that’s testament to the refined skills of head chef Sergio Zubiadut and his flair for putting exciting twists on classic Mediterranean dishes, it’s hard to define a star dish on the menu at Salvia at Ca Na Xica, but the certified Black Angus low loin is definitely a front runner for the title.

Officially graded, this prime piece of beef is one of the world’s finest and is skillfully cooked to perfection in the Josper oven. Served ‘al punto’ (unless requested otherwise), the crisp, chargrilled outside hides the melt-in-your-mouth, succulent and tender meat inside. An array of mini-roast Mediterranean vegetables are the finishing touch, allowing the natural flavours of the beef to shine.