Ibiza restaurants: Raw Tuna Tataki at Salvia

In 2017, Ibiza fine dining destination Salvia – the stylish restaurant space within luxurious boutique hotel Ca Na Xica – is intent on focusing on health, goodness, organic produce and quality. Chef Sergio Zubiadut is passionate about combining the elements to create beautiful dishes that look every bit as amazing as they taste.

Every last mouthful of his raw tuna tataki is like a little piece of heaven melting onto your tongue. The raw tuna is marinated in a blend of soy sauce, mirin and Sake for a distinctly Japanese flavour and then exquisitely presented atop a pickled vegetable and seaweed salad. Crispy wasabi peas on top are the final burst of flavour, their bite the perfect complement to the tuna’s silky texture. Ideal for sharing as a starter, or for your own light and healthy main dish for lunch or dinner alike.

Photography by Ana Lui

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