Ibiza restaurants: Bandeja del Pescador at Tradición Samar

The bandeja del pescador, a visually stunning dish available at Tradición Samar in Ibiza Town, quite literally translates to ‘fisherman’s tray’, which should give a sense of what’s on offer here. A platter showcasing the very best of the sea’s treasures, it comprises seafood favourites as well as a few more obscure sea-dwelling creatures – ones you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

The tray consists of four oysters, crab, crayfish, a range of prawns, mussels, and clams, which though the smallest and perhaps least glamorous of the shellfish, arguably steal the show. That’s because they’re dressed in a special sauce made by the restaurant’s marisquero, which includes salt, pepper, paprika and a secret ingredient that’s been passed from man to man in his family over generations. It gives the clam’s salty flavour an unexpected spicy kick, elevating it to the echelons of excellence.

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