Ibiza restaurants: Moules Marinières at Tradición Samar

With an emphasis on serving only the freshest produce, at Tradición Samar in Ibiza town you can be sure when you sit down to dine on its glorious alfresco terrace, you’ll be whisked away in a haze of seafood delights. The menu here is adorned with classics, all of which are prepared and cooked with a little extra dose of Tradición Samar pizzazz.

Take the French favourite Moules Marinières, for example. Undoubtedly a dish we’re all familiar with, at Tradición Samar, flavour is sealed in by steaming the mussels, before serving them without the traditional accompanying broth, meaning you get a pure, intense hit of the mussels’ flavour. They’re presented beautifully in a bowl, open shells facing outward to reveal a flash of lucid orange at the centre.

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