Société Anonyme – last chance for reservations!

The month of September has been an exciting one in the Ibiza gastronomy scene, with local and visiting foodies alike clamouring to get a table at hot pop-up restaurant Société Anonyme during its limited time on the island. The unique concept takes place nightly at Hotel Rural Astarte, a beautifully restored stone-walled finca in the heart of the Ibiza countryside between Santa Gertrudis and San Mateu – a setting that encapsulates the very essence of the alfresco Ibiza dining experience.

Showcasing a concept like no other on the island before it, Société Anonyme has hosted a revolving door of Dutch Michelin starred chefs since opening at the beginning of the month, with each chef putting his own unique spin on the menus.

Speaking of a unique spin on the menus, renowned Parisien calligraphist Nicolas Ouchenir made a special guest appearance last Friday night on behalf of Montblanc. Famous for creating invitations and portraits for many of the international fashion weeks, Nicolas – who has worked for Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent among many other names – wrote personal thank you notes for each of the guests, and created a portrait of guest chef and Ron Blauuw.

The man behind Ron’s Gastrobar, Ron Blaauw, kicked off his unique menu with a trio of starters as an amuse bouche. A tartlet of smoked eel, leek and sorrel, a salad of tomato, burrata and basil and gazpacho with tuna, cucumber and garlic got guests talking, while the following entrée was a taste-sensational salad of pickled avocado with red shrimp, curry foam and chorizo.

The ‘premier plat’ was a luxurious creation of poached oysters with fergola, squid and caviar. ‘Seconde plat’ was a rich fusion of baked foie gras with beetroot, raisins, Parmesan cheese and madeira sauce, while the ‘plat principal’ was a mouth-wateringly good tenderloin steak served with fresh vegetables from the island and a divine green pepper sauce.

To finish off the meal, desert came in the form of a cocktail of colourful citrus fruits with elderflower and hazelnuts plus ice cream of yoghurt with cardamom, paired with a vintage plum sake royale, a sweet plum wine from Japan.

Two-star Michelin chef Fred Mustert started his Societe Anonyme feast with a simple but delicious amuse of tomato with parmesan, after guests were greeted with a glass of bubbling Colet A Priori.

His entrée was a zesty serving of tuna with ginger, cucumber, sesame seeds and citrus, paired with the delicious AIX Rosé – a beautiful blush wine served up in Ibiza’s most premium restaurants.

The ‘premier plat’ continued in the light and fresh theme, with red shrimp with melon, celery and curry, followed by the star of the show, ‘bouef Fred’s style’ as ‘plato principal’. Dessert was a delicious taco with honey, avocado, mais, popcorn and red fruits – sweet and savoury and the perfect way to finish off a degustation meal.

The chef behind successful two-star restaurant Restaurant de Kromme Watergang is Edwin Vinke, whose menu began with an aperitif of fruits de mer with local seafood and cocktails.

In keeping with the seafood vibe, his entrée was a ceviche of sea bass, squid and sea cucumber, continuing with a ‘premier plat’ of Boullabaise of hake, anchovies, red shrimp, aubergine and courgette.

A special pre-dessert serving of smoked foie fras mousse with peach, vanilla, young sheep yoghurt, lavender and almonds was up next while dessert was a decadent affair of pure chocolate, fennel, crumble of teffee, green apple and espresso, served with a fresh cocktail of hierbas and green apple. To finish off the event, guests were served coffee with milk chocolate with salted caramel, pure chocolate with liquor 43.

The next two menus – from Soenil Bahadoer and Erik van Loo are still under wraps, as the chefs are yet to start their residencies this week, but you can guarantee they will be bursting with flavour, elegance and the highest quality produce from Ibiza, with all wine pairings arranged by Vino & Co and AIX International.

Société Anonyme wraps up their limited season on Saturday September 26, 2105 and there are a few tables still remaining but bookings are limited – in this case, it’s first in, best fed!

Call NL + 31 630 292 075 or ES + 34 677 729 101 or email for more information and to reserve your place.