Ibiza restaurants: Grilled Secreto Iberico at TATEL Ibiza

TATEL Ibiza has been one of the fine dining success stories in Ibiza during summer 2017. The cool Art Deco inspired space puts a twist on traditional Spanish cuisine, pairing it with high end ingredients and techniques to create culinary magic. Head chef Nacho Chicharro brings a wealth of experience from the brand’s flagship Madrid restaurant to the white isle, and one of his favourite dishes from the menu is the Grilled Secreto Iberico.

The ‘secreto’ is a shoulder cut of pork, very rich in flavour and rarely found on menus anywhere else in the world. At TATEL Ibiza, the pork is cooked in a hot press, infusing the sweet meat with natural flavours and juices, keeping the inside moist and and giving it an ultra crispy texture on the outside. Served with slivers of red onions, a sprinkling of sea salt and whole pink peppercorns, it’s a hearty meal ideal for the chillier nights on Ibiza’s coastline as the end of the season approaches.

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