Ibiza restaurants: Sea Bream Ceviche at TATEL Ibiza

Much of the cuisine at stylish new fine dining destination TATEL Ibiza is based on traditional Spanish cuisine, however now the days and nights are heating up, many appetites turn towards lighter, more fresh bites. With this in mind – and understanding many of his clients are also thinking about being by the pool in a bikini the next morning – head chef Nacho Chicharro has created a fresh and zingy sea bream ceviche that is the perfect light dining delight.

Much love and passion goes into the preparation of this dish, as the TATEL Ibiza kitchen team make their own ‘leche de tigre’ (tiger’s milk – a key ingredient of the dish) onsite 24 hours prior to serving using mussels, prawns, crayfish, lime and coriander to make the stock. Each night, when the ceviche is ordered, they freshly cut the belly of fresh sea bream and add it, along with creamy mango slices and fresh onion slices, to the tiger’s milk where it cooks within minutes inside the citrus sauce.

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