Ibiza restaurants: Spanish Omelette with Truffle at TATEL Ibiza

The humble potato can be transformed into a multitude of amazing dishes but here in Spain, one dish really shines above all the rest. The Spanish Omelette, or ‘tortilla’ as you may hear it referred to by locals and waiters, is renowned around the world for its perfect fusion of fresh eggs, a little onion and chunky, yet perfectly cooked potatoes served up in one perfectly formed cake-esque creation.

In keeping with their ethos for serving traditional Spanish cuisine with a gastronomic twist, hot new fine dining restaurant TATEL Ibiza – set within the stylish surrounds of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – presents its own take on the classic. Head chef Nacho Chicharro adds a hefty dash of truffle paste to the potato and egg mix, before it is added to the traditional tortilla pan – a Spanish kitchen must-have that creates the perfect omelette shape.

Chicharro’s rule for crafting the perfect tortilla is simple: the mixture must spend as little time possible in the pan and on the flame, keeping the consistency within soft and gloopy. His instructions are to let the outer layer form a coating, then his kitchen team must flip it – pancake style – over to seal the other side then instantly slip it onto the plate. At the same time, a small hole is created in the top of the tortilla, and a potato foam is injected inside, creating the ultimate creamy centre. Topped with fresh truffle, it is the perfect starter to share between friends.

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