Ibiza restaurants: Veal Milanese at TATEL Ibiza

Although the origins of the dish are in South America, there’s no denying the humble Milanese is considered a staple plate on any traditional Spanish restaurant’s menu. Here in Ibiza, at the new celeb-owned fine dining hotspot TATEL Ibiza – set on the seafront as part of the luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza complex – the signature TATEL Veal Milanese is far from humble. In fact, it is the best-selling dish in the brand’s flagship Madrid restaurant.

The highest quality veal is perfectly pounded to become an even thin (and enormous!)! slice, then dipped in fresh eggs before being coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried, in TATEL Ibiza’s own virgin olive oil – and then this is where the restaurant’s tagline of ‘not just fine dining – it’s fun dining’ comes into play.

Your waiter brings the freshly fried Milanese to your table, along with a dish of condiments and cracks a poached egg – cooked ultra-slowly, for 45 minutes at 64 degrees – over the meat, delicately spreading it across the surface before shaving fresh black truffle and adding a sprinkling of salt and pepper to complete the performance!

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