The Babylon Beach twist – Unforgettable gourmet experiences

It’s no coincidence that the owners of stylishly cool Ibiza beach club Babylon Beach are also the people behind the only certified organic livestock farm in Ibiza, C’an Pere Mussona. With direct and unfettered access to the best ingredients on the island it’s easy to see how the talented chefs here are able to deliver some of the most delicious dishes in town.

Much of the produce used in the Babylon Beach kitchen literally comes from the field and the farm in the morning morning to arrive on the plate that very same afternoon. The head chefs work closely with the farmers to o cultivate exactly what the restaurant needs in terms of produce and livestock and also works on a day-to-day basis with the local fishermen to obtain the finest, freshest catches.

On the farm, lambs, chickens and indigenous black pigs plus mountains of vegetables are at Babylon Beach’s disposal. The very few things that aren’t found on the farm are purchased from local Ibicenco families in the region, meaning the daily menus really are completely local. The team greatly value their relationships with the farm and their other suppliers, all of whom visit the laboratory-style kitchen where they work together like scientists to come up with fresh and exciting new menu ideas.

Absolutely every last dish on the tempting menu is fresher than fresh, from the chips and the salads to the steaks and the seafood, and Babylon Beach prides itself on keeping things homemade. Even the bread comes from their own onsite pop-up bakery – created when the owners couldn’t find a local supplier who met their strict high standards – today’s fresh-basked goodies are now all made with organic flour.

Taking inspiration from international street food – where simple dishes become super special – the provenance of the ingredients is paramount at Babylon and the brilliant chefs are also the key to their success. Filippo Alberi and Simone D’Elia hail from Tuscany, and together they are the perfect team. Having run a restaurant together in Italy and also worked together in London they have been the ying to the other’s yang for over ten years. Filippo is the creative and technical head – the ‘elegant’ one, they say – adding astonishing details worthy of a Michelin star, whilst Simone employs his more rustic yet equally delicious approach to the food and is the business mastermind, making sure they present the perfect plate at the right price to their clients.

Filippo and Simone perfect the Babylon Beach menus over several months, deconstructing classics and finding the best ways to reinvent them. The menu includes some usual beach club suspects, but redone in Babylon’s bespoke way. The burger for example, is not just any burger. The star chefs whip up the perfect combination of beef, fat and marrowbone to make it a real show-stopper. The seafood risotto is made with not one but three different homemade fish stocks. Babylon’s mashed potato is whipped with rosemary, thyme, egg and smoked salt and has a delicious crispy finish. Even the ice lollies are not exempt from the Babylon beach twist – think unique flavours such as homemade cheesecake varieties.

The attention to detail is incredible. This is food to make you go silent. For an Ibiza gourmet experience that won’t be forgotten, Babylon Beach is a must-go – by day or by night.

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