Red Thai Curry with Chicken at The Giri Café

When day turns to night at The Giri Café in the village of San Juan, the menu takes it up a notch – adding more exotic flavours, fresh meats and fish to the a la carte selection. One of head chef Xavier Doménech Moreno‘s signature dishes is brimming with the distinct flavours of Thailand, where he once spent time learning the art of Thai cooking, and authenticity is the key to its success.

The Thai Red Curry paste is made completely from scratch and includes roasted fennel, red pepper and has a deep spicy sensation that is rich, but doesn’t burn, mixed with vegetables from The Giri Cafe garden. While the curry is brewing, a hearty ‘payes’ chicken breast is slowly cooked at a very low temperature, resulting in an ultra-soft texture, then given a quick blast under the grill to get a crispy texture, before being served atop a bed of veggie curry with baby spinach, edible flowers and roasted peanuts piled on top for added goodness. Best eaten with an order of wholegrain rice!

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