Seaweed Salad at The Giri Cafe

In keeping with The Giri Cafe ethos that healthy food is not only good for you, but it looks good and tastes even better, this dish – new for 2015 – is one of the prettiest salads ever to be seen, chock-full of delicious, super fresh flavours that give more than a nod to the Far East… and wouldn’t you know it, it’s good for you too!

Edamame and green beans are layered upon marinated tofu and cooked beetroot, followed by a handful of crispy, peppery rocket and finally the star of the show, nutrition-packed seaweed. The whole celebration of flavours is finished off with a handful of alfalfa and bean sprouts, colourful edible flowers and a tasty sesame dressing, creating a refreshing and light meal perfect for those balmy summer Ibiza nights.