Ibiza restaurants: Steak Tartar at The Giri Café

What was once was a highly-coveted special has now made it to permanent status on the evening menu at The Giri Café. Not your traditional steak tartar – combined with chives, cucumber and pickles, this dish is bursting with colour and intense flavour – and for those who love the dish, it’s a cool twist on tradition.

Finely hand-chopped raw beef is daubed with the sweet flavour of caramelised onion – rather than chunks of raw onion, it is served like a paste that can be fused with the meat – with a touch of spice that can be adjusted to your taste. Homemade roasted focaccia with just the right amount of butter, provides the perfect platform on which to spoon your perfect blend of ingredients. Almost too pretty to eat, but not quite!

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