Ibiza restaurants: Korean Rice at The View

Ever since it arrived on the island’s west coast, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza has been leading the way with luxury, especially when it comes to cuisine, where its high-end, spectacular restaurant The View is delivering innovative plates that bring something entirely new to the white isle’s culinary scene.

Take the Korean rice, for instance, a vegetarian dish that’s as good for you as it is pleasing for the tastebuds. Made using three kinds of rice – white, black and red – it’s cooked in a traditional Korean rice cooker to ensure it reaches the perfect fluffy texture. Next, it’s combined with sautéed seasonal mushrooms, including white and black fungus, a staple of the Korean diet and widely considered a superfood across Asia and a perfectly poached egg. The dish is then topped with Gochujang, made from Korean chillis and fermented soya bean – a spicy red sauce that is widely recognised for its digestive and detoxifying properties. A plate of goodness, Es Vedrà in the distance and you – it’s a recipe for magic.