Ibiza restaurants: Octopus at The View

There’s no doubt in the minds of any Ibiza-based foodie that The View at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is bringing something entirely unique to the island’s culinary fore. Offering a rainbow of flavours and dishes not found anywhere else on the island, it really is setting the benchmark for fine dining, and that’s before you’ve even taken a pew on its stunning alfresco terrace overlooking Es Vedrà. Here, dishes like the restaurant’s signature octopus are really raising the bar.

Braised in a typical Korean stock made using a precise combination of mirin, sake, ginger, leek and garlic, it’s left for eight hours to tenderise – by the end of which it almost melts in the mouth. Just before plating, it’s fried to add a delicious crispiness to the skin, while maintaining the softness within and conserving all the juicy flavours. It’s served with a spicy sauce and traditional pimiento de padron – a feast indeed.