Ibiza restaurants: Crunch Vieira at Wasa.b

Sushi is as much about achieving textural perfection as it is anything else. Those little parcels of bite-sized deliciousness combine the ideal amounts of each ingredient to ensure a taste sensation, but it’s also the softness of the rice and the bite of the cucumber combined that’s the real science. That’s why with a dish like Crunch Vieira from Wasa.b in Ibiza Town, the consistency of each mouthful is key.

Combining fresh scallops, al dente asparagus, salmon and chives, the Crunch Vieira sounds like a simple piece of sushi with few ingredients, and yet, the dusting of crispy batter around the roll itself takes it to the next level. The crunch of batter followed by the tenderness of scallop and salmon really is a winning combination.

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