Ibiza restaurants: Nutella and Banana Maki at Wasa.b

If you’re planning a feast at Wasa.b, the new hub of sushi excellence in the heart of Ibiza town, take this as fair warning to also save room for dessert. Not content with giving us a menu jam-packed with Nigiri and Sashimi treats, they’ve also added plenty of options for those of us with a sweet tooth.

Take your pick from reworked sushi favourites like the Maki Nutella, the Maki Nutella and Banana and the Strawberry Maki, which all centre around a traditional piece of Maki – soft rice rolled in between a light layer of egg – with additional sweet fillings. The combination of perfect cooked rice, egg, smooth, chocolatey Nutella and syrupy banana is a dessert lover’s dream and even great for a quick late night snack if you’re passing through town before heading out into the Ibiza night.

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