Ibiza restaurants: Salmon Tobiki California Roll at Wasa.b

If presentation is considered as important as taste among first-rate restaurants these days, then Wasa.b in Ibiza town is head and shoulders ahead of its competition. Each and every plate delivered to table here is a thing of a beauty, a multi-coloured journey for the senses that’s as pleasing on the eye as it is the tastebuds.

That’s particularly true of the Salmon Tobiko California Roll, a sushi classic that gets a spruce up courtesy of the excellent Wasa.b chef. Ensconced within perfectly cooked rice is succulent salmon, cream cheese and avocado, and around the outside it’s been lightly dusted in tobiko, or flying fish roe, that’s so vivid in colour you can’t quite believe your eyes. These tiny orange bubbles gently pop in your mouth as you eat, adding an extra dimension to the humble California roll.

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