Ibiza restaurants: Tuna Tartar at Wasa.b

Tucked down a side street in the heart of Ibiza town, you’ll stumble across Wasa.b, where some of the finest sushi anywhere on the island can be enjoyed on its outdoor terrace. The menu here is diverse and full of sushi favourites, but one dish that stands out in colour and flavour is the stunning tuna tartar.

A plate revered for its smooth textures and fresh taste, the tuna tartar at Wasa.b is presented like a modernist piece of art. Framed by simple, black slate, the tartar itself is highlighted like a beacon of brightly-coloured goodness. Ripe avocado is layered with raw tuna and served alongside the typical ginger, for cleansing your palate; and wasabi, to enhance it. The result is a plate of rainbow colours that tastes as good as it looks.

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