Ibiza restaurants: Baked Salmon at Wi-Ki-Woo

Since it opened earlier this summer, hip new Ibiza hotel Wi-ki-Woo has built its reputation around its gorgeous pastel-hued styling, however once you get beyond the oohs and ahhs of the aesthetic, there’s even more kudos to be won courtesy of the kitchen team headed up by well-known island chef Lee Sharville.

The Wi-Ki-Woo menu offers something to suit all appetites, ranging from hotel classics and international favourites to local dishes with a twist created specifically for the restaurant. When asked his personal favourite dish, Sharville instantly names the baked salmon – healthy and hearty at the same time. The sesame-crusted salmon is baked to perfection and served atop a bed of prawn, leek and black squid ink risotto, the dark black base providing the perfect contrast to the vibrant fresh caught salmon – perfectly complemented by a glass of crisp white wine and the Ibiza sunset.