Ibiza restaurants: Canarian Lobster Ceviche at Zela Ibiza

Some dishes are just designed to be showcased, their contents as pleasing aesthetically as they are in flavour. At Zela Ibiza, the Japanese-Mediterranean fusion restaurant in Talamanca, dishes like this are ten a penny, but one which deserves a throne all of its own is the Canarian Lobster Ceviche, a vibrant, citrus-coloured dish presented on the fanned tail of a spiny lobster, and lit from underneath a bed of ice like a solo performer on stage.

Naturally, it tastes as good as it looks, with the prime ingredient of lobster elevated to kingly status by its accompanying sauce. Large chunks of lobster are drenched in a marinade of spicy pepper, leche de tigre, red onion, lime, lemon and coriander leaves. It’s left for five minutes so the outside is cooked but the inside remains raw, then served to eagerly awaiting diners with the usual pomp associated with royalty.

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