Ibiza restaurants: Tiradito of Scallops with Sobrasada at Zela Ibiza

Zela Ibiza is a restaurant that prides itself on the seamless fusion of flavours embodied by Japanese and Mediterranean cooking. Taking the best elements of both styles, it effortlessly marries two different approaches to cuisine on one plate, simultaneously providing the diner with the tastes of two contrasting cultures.

One dish that perfectly embodies this ethos is the Tiradito of Scallops with Sobrasada from Ibiza. Consisting of high quality raw scallops, it’s then drizzled with powdered sobrasada, a delicacy revered in Ibiza. The original product is dried in the oven, then chopped lightly and mixed with salt, before being sprinkled atop the scallop with olive oil and a dash of soy. The result is the salty but subtle taste of the sea combined with the sweetness of the sobrasada – a textural taste sensation designed in heaven.

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