Enchanting flavours

One of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets is the dining room and terrace of Alabastro at five-star eco-resort Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa in Santa Eulalia. Chef Aitor Monteagud heads up this oasis of innovation, leading his team into culinary realms where flavour and colour meet ethereal sensations based on a solid philosophy of zero kilometres, organic, slow food dining.

The menu is a masterpiece of technically exquisite dishes weaving a path through local traditions using quality produce in magical combinations. Ibiza red prawns matched with slow-cooked Iberian dewlap, carrots and a hint of vanilla; jig-caught local squid served with garlic shoots, kimchi and lemon air; suckling lamb accompanies squash, beetroot, courgette and a drizzle of demi-glaze.

Desserts are equally otherworldly re-imaginings of traditional favourites. Café Caleta is transformed into a smooth ice cream, served with cubes of Hierbas jelly; Grexionera, a local bread pudding, becomes a light foam bursting with sweetness and textured chocolate is served on a bed of carob sand.

Oversized armchairs, plush sofas and intimate corners – all in shades of plum, turquoise and pistachio with just a touch of sunshine yellow thrown in – bring a touch of Alice In Wonderland, if that fairytale were set in a beautifully designed luxury hotel. Alabastro is an enchanted journey into flavour.

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