Gastronomic grace

Ibiza is all about relishing the good things in life – delicious food, fine wine, great conversation – and nowhere embodies this ideal more perfectly than Gare du Nord, a stunningly stylish restaurant hidden on a hillside in the sleepy little village of San Juan.

Inside, the décor sings with understated romance: vibrant jade walls and bronze-hued low lighting set the mood. Wander outside and you’re met by a magical secret garden shrouded by blossoming plants, the consummate spot for whiling away the hours with friends on a balmy Mediterranean night.

Aside from the enchanting location, the gastronomy here hits some seriously outstanding notes. Lovingly prepared by Argentinian head chef, Emmanuel Anzel Martínez – a man of exceptional culinary experience – the food fuses classical French cooking with a modern international twist, resulting in a dream-like combination of styles.

Naturally, the menu is seasonal and changes according to the availability of ingredients, but think halloumi with harissa yoghurt, duck confit on crispy banana chips with ranchera sauce and lemongrass pannacotta with mango mousse to get the idea. Open for dinner from 7pm Wednesday to Saturday until May 15, plus from lunchtime on Sundays there’s a cool food truck serving up fries and snacks during the popular San Juan market from 12.30pm until 6pm. After May 15, the dinner service continues through until Sundays. Gare du Nord is a lesson in life well lived. Make sure you’re taking notes.

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