September: Secret parties, beautiful beaches & Sunday sessions in Ibiza

Faithless - live concert at Privilege Ibiza: 04/09/10

Despite what other people may think about Miss W, it’s not all glamorous parties, long days on the beach and constant shopping – I wish! While I won’t bore you with the details of my day-to-day routine (a girl has to keep some air of mystery about her after all), however I will tell you that this week, I’ve had a week of experiences that’s a-l-m-o-s-t made me feel as though I was on holidays here in Ibiza – and isn’t that just the life?

Starting with a top secret party, held in a top secret location, with super secret famous DJ guests… I’d love to tell you who, what where when and why, but I was sworn to (surprise surprise!) total secrecy as I entered the venue… so unfortunately I can’t kiss and tell. *insert foot-stomping temper tantrum here*

But, a promise is a promise, so suffice to say, despite the amazing acrobatics, stunning white stallion performing on the beach and superstar DJs bringing the beats, I just can’t tell you any more than that. Apart from the fact I had an awesome time, and juuuuust a little hangover the next day after consuming more than my fair share of French champagne for the occasion.

After a full day at the office (sporting the obligatory dark glasses), there was plenty more fun to be had, and on Thursday, it was a day spent on the beach at Ushuaia with visiting friends from London – impressing them with a roster of cocktails, sushi and sun tanning – before celebrating the birthday of Sasha at Never Say Never… I waxed lyrical about this party last week, so will leave the details to your imagination, as long as your imagination involves an after party at Aura and even more after-hours antics in a private villa elsewhere… Do these people ever sleep? I wondered to myself on the long, cab ride home in order to make it to a fashion shoot just in the nick of time on Friday.

After styling, snapping and strutting around Salinas for the day, I dragged my exhausted self home to bed early on Friday… Because Saturday was about even more sun beds and seaside waiter service, on the fine shores of Playa D’en Bossa in front of Sands, where DJ Jo Mills was reminding us why she’s still one of the island’s best. Just as I was about to sneakily head home to catch up on some zs, I got the phone call about Faithless playing at Privilege. Dammit – just when you thought it was safe to take a disco nap! So, with 9 999 other punters at my heels, it was off to San Rafael for a clubbing experience that proved really, for once and for all, that God is a DJ. Or in the very least, a collective of them called, ironically, Faithless!

Continuing the theme of a clubbing marathon, we made the pilgrimage to long-standing Sunday party We Love… Space Sundays the following day, with Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip, Dimitri From Paris and too many more to mention on the bill to keep us dancing til dawn. Of course, it wouldn’t be We Love… without an after party to attend, and it was off to San Mateo, for an exclusive villa party featuring man-of-the-moment Tensnake, the aforementioned SMD and special secret surprise guests.

Oops – methinks I may have said too much. Again! Oh well – another week, another hectic social calendar… with no signs of slowing down throughout September.


Holiday! Celebrate! It’s not like Miss W to actually totally relax for a weekend, but under the influence of friends – and just a few glasses of chilled vino tinto – this weekend gave me a whole new lease on Ibiza life. September is where it’s at – good times, good parties and above all, great people…

THE BAD: At the same time Miss W and co were having a holiday like experience, not one, not two and not even three… but FOUR of my very good friends were the victims of villa robberies. If you have a villa, be safe, be secure, don’t keep money in the house and if you can, invest in a security guard… the baddies are out there, just waiting for their moment to strike. Let’s hope the police step up their game after this spate of incidents.

THE GOSSIP: A certain DJ – who I could never possibly name – had to jet off on a long-haul flight to Brazil the day after the super top secret party… we bet that was a plane ride from hell for someone running on two days without sleep!