Spa review: Atzaró Spa

Atzaró Spa

Photography by Geoff Fenney

Treatment name: Atzaró Massage
Duration: 50 minutes (but honestly, it felt more like one and a half hours!)
Therapist: Miguel
Price: The price of my massage was included in the Romantic Pack for Residents, which was 280€ for one night’s accommodation, including breakfast, dinner for two and not one but TWO massages! For those just visiting the spa, a basic massage starts at 85€ while a totally indulgent luxurious five-hour all-over Oriental treatment is 350€. There’s something for everyone!

First impressions:
Having just cleaned my house and finished a grueling 90-minute hot yoga class, I was feeling pretty relaxed! On arrival at the Atzaró Spa, I was a greeted by spa manager Aina, offered a robe, slippers and towel and asked to undress and make my way to one of the infamous Atzaró massage temples. The temple was quiet and warm, with a relaxing music drifting across the airwaves (It was an Atzaró CD – I had to ask!). Miguel, my therapist, asked me if I had any pain anywhere and I directed him straight to my neck and shoulders, as well as my lower back which has recently been feeling tight. I felt immediately comfortable and connected to Miguel and explained that I usually have a bit of difficulty relaxing during massages. He told me to concentrate on my breath and that’s exactly what I did!

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Location: The luxurious inhouse spa at Agroturismo Atzaró, is more like a stunningly exotic outdoor spa, if you want to get literal about things! Set in the lower area of the sprawling hotel’s grounds, amongst beautiful olive groves, with a gorgeous lap pool, a beautiful, tranquil chill out area and Asiatic style pond and gardens. You’re in the San Llorenzo countryside, but it also feels like you could be in tropical Bali!

The experience: The massage started with the gentle ringing of a gong, which sent beautiful sound waves through the room. Starting directly with my shoulders and neck, Miguel checked the pressure (just right, thankyouvery much!) and continued working with strong strokes down my back. He focused on my lower back for a period, on what he later explained are acupressure points, pinpointing my problem areas. He did some nice strong work on my shoulders to release pressure and clearly had the knack of discovering exactly where my sore points were. He also spent considerable time working over my neck up to my hairline and behind my ears… Divine! I must admit, any more details of this section of the massage are a bit sketchy, because thanks to Miguel’s advice about breathing, I was half asleep until he asked me to turn over for the second half of my experience! That’s got to be a good thing right?

Miguel used Thai massage techniques to stretch out my hips and legs, and also my neck. This lasted only a few minutes, after which I was left to relax in my deep meditation before being greeted with a cup of tea. Which I was a advised to sit and drink, and follow with a short steam… Of course, I did what I was told and enjoyed every last second.

Extras: In addition to massages, Atzaró Spa offers everything conceivable to the imagination when it comes to wellness, relaxation and just general ‘me-time’, from beauty treatments, fitness, sauna, hamamm, pool, gym, luxurious products – you name it, they’ve got the best of it.

The verdict: Miguel is an excellent masseuse, deeply connected to himself and his clients, with strong and magical hands which get to the heart of your aches and pains. I just love the authenticity of the Atzaró treatment temples and the sounds coming from the gardens and the pond of the outdoor spa, which perfectly accompany any treatment and enhance your connection to nature and also yourself. I would highly, highly, highly recommend an Atzaró Massage or Hot Stone Massage to anyone who feels they deserve the ultimate treat! Just thinking back on the experience now, I feel so blessed to live in Ibiza and be able to indulge more often.

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Atzaró Spa

Photography by Geoff Fenney