Spa review: De-stress massage, Spa La Posidonia, Hacienda Na Xamena

Na Xamena, Hacienda - Spa La Posidonia

Photography by Ana Lui

Duration: 50 minutes
Location: La Posidonia Spa
Therapist: Fanny

Before I even lay down on the massage table at Spa La Posidonia, I felt like I’d already experienced the ‘de-stressing’ effects I’d been promised from this signature treatment (designed specifically for Hacienda Na Xamena) just by entering the luxurious spa space… not that I would forgo the massage experience for anything of course!

I was led into a small change room, where everything was aligned in perfect harmony – bathrobe, flip-flops and locker key. Then I met my therapist, Fanny, who led me into the treatment room, where I inhaled the subtle aroma of coconut oil (my absolute favourite!), and was instantly transported to an exotic holiday destination, devoid of deadlines and with the sole purpose of relaxation. Rather than ask for extra pressure for the duration of the massage, I waited to see what had been tailor made for this treatment.

As I lay down on my front, a cold gel (made by Aromatherapy Associates, which upon further discovery after the treatment contained ginger, lavender, rosemary and black pepper) was applied to my legs, to accelerate the de-stressing process.

She applied the cold gel first in each area of my body before using a massage oil in soft, sweeping and flowing circular movements. I wanted to feel it working, really I did… and to my surprise, not only did I feel the effects, I began to drift off to sleep over the course of the massage. Pretty impressive for a hyperactive person like me!

It was so perfect, every movement so meticulous yet so organic, even rolling onto my back happened as if it were part of a dream (you know sometimes it’s a bit of a rude awakening?). I felt perfectly balanced at all times.

Some of the techniques used were fascinating. On my spine at one point I felt as thought Fanny must have been using an instrument, but it was her fingers, then when she moved from my shoulders down my arms to my hands, she did a little twirling thing in my palms – I cannot describe it in words, you simply must try for yourself – that was the most heavenly feeling with the silky oil and the flimsy, flopsy feeling of my limbs.

Fanny explained to me later that the reason this feels so sense-sational is because there’s a pressure point in your hand where many people hold their stress. Who’d have thought?

Afterwards Fanny left me to re-robe then met me with a divine little pot of ginger and lemon tea and led me to the relaxation room and viewing deck. Yes that’s right, there’s more! Through a softly candlelit and ultra warm and cosy is an amazing indoor sunbathing lounge, where you can linger as long as you like in the comfortable day beds – in fact, you’re encouraged to stay. Which I did… for as long the temptation to reach for my blackberry would allow!

The verdict: This isn’t just a quick massage and off you pop back to the office, this is about taking your time to chill out before the treatment, exceptional service every step of the way and making the most of the ‘me-time’ afterwards to really truly hang on to the de-stressing feeling that the massage created. Normally, I want something so therapeutic it almost hurts, but after taking the recommendation for this gentler treatment, I learnt gain doesn’t have to equal pain. I loved it, because it did exactly what it said on the tin – it de-stressed me, mentally and physically.