07800 IBIZA

Bohemian rhapsody

07800 Ibiza is a unique and modern hippie haven, a fashion boutique where each and every item is lovingly handmade and no two products are ever alike: 07800 Ibiza. Fusing boho luxe, ethnic chic and Ibiza style, the brand has quickly forged a name for itself through its signature ‘hippie chic’boots and oversized bags. Made with rare, hand-embroidered fabrics sourced from temples in Laos and Burma, plus luxurious detailing such as leather, suede, feathers and fur, 07800 Ibiza provides the perfect finishing touch to every Ibiza wardrobe.

Bags come in all shapes and sizes, from extra-large bags featuring different designs on either side to practical satchels, colourful clutches, evening bags and purses. The boots feature one-of-a-kind detailing, beautifully inlaid patches of different fabrics, in beautiful contrast with the soft, neutral toned leathers and hand stitched soles.

Want more? Think sassy feather earrings and pendants, super-soft cashmere scarves, jewellery, clogs, feather skirts and ponchos, perfectly suited to the tastes of high-end hippies yet catering to all budgets! New stock arrives in store every week, meaning each new visit heralds yet another new discovery, and the more reason to return.

Calle de la Cruz, 7
Ibiza 07800

+34 689 429 120