Balearic beauty – Christina Bosmans

Being surrounded by little ones – at home and at work – doesn’t mean the beautiful Kids in Ibiza founder can’t also possess a keen eye for style.

Her work life revolves around creating and promoting cool things to do for kids on the island, while her gorgeous young family take up much of her attention at home. A natural born ‘little people’ person, the vivacious Christina Bosmans fell into her Ibiza lifestyle, after coming to the island for love in 2005.

After meeting her future husband Denis – born in Ibiza to Belgian parents – in Germany just five days before she was due to move to Mexico for five months, Christina thought the relationship had no future. She was off on her travels, he had a young baby back in Ibiza and she was also studying for a Masters degree in teaching. She had a plan. She’d go abroad, write her thesis and ultimately become a headmaster.

But life had other plans. Denis persisted in contacting her and eventually turned up on her doorstep in Germany when she returned home. All of a sudden, Ibiza didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Christina knew she could write her thesis from anywhere in the world, and while some thought she was crazy to write it on an island renowned for partying she thought it was as good a place as any to try (note: it was ultimately awarded summa cum laude).

Denis’ son Marc was just 14 months old at the time, which meant Christina was thrown into a life of 6am feeds and family life. It was during this time she spotted a gap in the market for children’s entertainment in high-end restaurants. “We’d go for a nice lunch, but we’d have to pack a rucksack full of toys to keep the baby entertained. There was nothing for them to do, you’d spend all your time trying to keep them happy and not enjoying your meal – no one was having a good time!”

She’d accepted living in Ibiza meant her teaching career options were limited (she’d previously worked at a language school and also in Denis’ office, where he runs the island’s exclusive Sunseeker brokerage), but her natural affinity with children inspired her to set up Kids in Ibiza in 2009 – both as a source of promoting family friendly events and as a service for children’s parties, babysitters and kids’ entertainment in restaurants. With clients such as El Chiringuito, Pura Vida Beach Club and Pete Tong singing her praises, plus huge demand from island parents and holidaymakers alike, the business started to expand very quickly.

While the business was rapidly growing, so too was Christina, as she fell pregnant with daughter Annabel in 2010. Max came along two years later and Christina became a working mum who practiced what she preached. “When we go out with the children, we visit all the places that are my clients,” she says. “I do look at the Kids in Ibiza agenda when I’m making plans!” Babylon Beach and its eco-playground is a firm favourite, as is El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet. In fact, Christina says Annabel and Max also help decide based on their favourite kids’ corners – BEACHOUSE Ibiza, La Belle Ibiza, Pikes at Ibiza Rocks House and Nassau Tanit Beach also offer a great respite for parents while the kids are having the time of their lives.

Sundays are sacred in the Bosmans household, dedicated to family time. “It’s the only day in the summer when we don’t work,” explains Christina. “If the weather is good, we have a small boat and go Formentera where the water is crystal clear. It’s a big hit. But it’s super busy and the sea is like a parking lot for boats, we escape to the north of Ibiza instead. We love Calo des Porc. When we return to the harbour in San Antonio, we always head to Can Pujols for fresh seafood.”

Christina’s personal style is laidback yet chic by day, wearing very little make-up and flat shoes to stay comfortable. With the Kids in Ibiza headquarters set up in the basement of the couple’s contemporary Santa Gertrudis home, she jokes it could be tempting to go to work in her pyjamas but admits, “I don’t want to be the most horrible mum on the school run!”

When she does take time out from the kids, Christina loves to embrace her feminine side. “I don’t have to dress up for my job, so when I go out I love to dress up, wear nice dresses, heels and make-up,” she explains. “I love a bright red lipstick or slightly heavier eye make-up.” She and Denis often enjoy dinners and nights out in the village of Santa Gertrudis (“because we can walk home!”), citing the stylish Bistro Plaza and hip new hangout Mikado as favourites, with a fondness for the latter’s sangria.

With the occasional fuzzy heads, they’ll let Annabel and Max paint their faces with make-up while watching a movie – as a kid’s entertainment expert, Christina knows exactly how to keep them under control while she recovers!

Photography by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Hair and make-up by Marie Duchar Clark


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