We step into the shoes of a successful island stylist balancing motherhood, a production company and creating a coffee table book about Ibiza.

Renu Kashyap first arrived in Ibiza in 2012, seeking solace in the northern countryside of Ibiza to break a pattern of work life imbalance she had fallen into in Amsterdam as a fashion magazine director. Inspired by the island’s lifestyle, freedom and bohemian beauty, she knew life could be lived at a much more laidback pace, and so she, her husband Bas and baby daughter Skye made the decision to call Ibiza home.

Fast forward to today and Renu balances multiple responsibilities – from motherhood (Skye is now six years old, chirping away in four languages) and her work as a stylist for international glossy magazines, to running a production agency, Caramba Productions and working as a personal stylist with high-end boutique hotels. On top of this, she’s also in the middle of creating an all-new coffee table book about Ibiza – the ‘dream come true’ job she had been conceptualising for the past two years.

To an outsider, it looks like she has a lot on her plate. But in Ibiza, Renu is no longer the workaholic she was in Amsterdam. While she’s extremely passionate about everything she juggles, she completely understands the value of ‘me’ time, cherishing family time and time spent with friends out and about amongst nature. There’s no stress. “I do feel a responsibility to the island with this book,” she admits. “I’ve got to make sure it feels real.”

As yet untitled, the photography-based book is slated to be released in April 2017 by high end publishing house Assouline, and features a collection of the island’s most authentic personalities, characters and style setters. “But it’s not just about the style of the people, or the style of the island,” explains Renu. “It’s about capturing emotion. Authenticity. The images should touch you.”

Scouting locations and meeting stylish people has become part of daily life for Renu – in a much different way to her city life – as she is exposed to people from all walks of life. From the bohemian to the jet set, the one thing they have in common is a free spirit. Fun, freedom and love are themes that run throughout.

Renu’s own style is a mixture of the 1970’s bohemia she fell in love with during her teenage years (found in her mother’s wardrobe), and a crisp monochrome Parisian chic she has perfected more recently. “I don’t really follow trends – I think I have my own signature now.”

Skye too, is a mini-fashionista – with a stylist for a mother, she had very little choice! “Skye is a mini me. I like putting my own mini dresses on her, so they become long dresses, and sharing my coral and turquoise shell necklaces with her.” It’s clear island life suits both mama and daughter, as they glow with happiness and their bond is apparent.

When it comes to shopping in Ibiza, Renu sticks with a few select places – such as Belinda in San Carlos and Mayurka in Ibiza town – and relies on Net a Porter and trips to Amsterdam for her shopping fix. “I love shopping, but I wouldn’t say I am a shopaholic,” she says. “I believe in quality – not just with clothes, but with everything. Whether it’s the food you’re preparing, clothing, sunglasses or the products you use. It’s so much more important than having a lot of stuff!”

Weekends are valuable family time, and by day, the trio frequent raw, beautiful places such as Punta Galera to relax, or go for walks in the countryside. “I do love sandy beaches too,” says Renu. “Cala Vadella still reminds me of the 70s with all the boats, I love Cala Xuclar, we enjoy Salinas when it’s not too busy and Aguas Blancas is my absolute favourite – the water, the sand, the rocks… it’s all still so authentic.”

Authenticity is a word that features heavily in Renu’s vocabulary, as she constantly strives to seek out places that are still true to the island’s original spirit. Cool one-off events, such as cave parties, events on yachts or private villa parties are the ones she saves herself for rather than going out all the time. “I’m picky,” she says. “There are enough parties here to go to.”

Given the nature of Ibiza villas dusty caminos and rocky grounds, Renu says high heels are no longer part of her island wardrobe (“Sandals are camino proof.”) although Acid Sundays at Heart are one of her excuses to get dressed up. She finds appeal in casually elegant places that are off the tourist trail, such as La Mezcaleria in Dalt Vila and La Muella, in San Lorenzo, or laidback but high quality restaurants like Cicale and La Paloma.

Renu and her family also spend much time in their beautiful home, Casa Amore. Yoga on the rooftop and personal training in the beautiful grounds below are Renu’s chance for ‘me-time’ while the tranquil roof offers her a space to reflect and indulge her creativity. It is the kitchen however, that she says, is her haven. “Food is so important,” she explains. “Maybe it’s my Asian background, but I like to take care of people and food really connects them. At home, we cook a lot, always very clean and healthy. But when I go out, I’m still addicted to French fries, chocolate desserts and cheese!”

To Renu, Ibiza will always be an island full of potential. “The nice thing about Ibiza is you will never know everything. I recently did a shoot in a property that had 5000 palm trees and it was like the tropics. It’s so diverse.” Seeking out that beauty and diversity is a never-ending journey. “I see beauty in so many things. I see beauty through the eyes of my daughter. I look around and it’s everywhere.”

Photography by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Hair and make-up by Lianne Claire


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