Behind the scenes at Es Cavallet

The White Ibiza team were a bundle of nerves the weekend before our White Island Spirit shoot was due to take place. A 6.30am call time on a Monday morning is never an easy way to start the week, and when there were clouds looming over the beach at Es Cavallet on the Sunday, you can understand why we were feeling slightly ominous!

Our trusty iPhone weather app assured us Monday would be blue skies and sunshine, and come 7am, as the sun started to rise, you could feel the heat in the air. Ibiza summer is well and truly on the horizon. Our gorgeous model, Sarah M from on-island agency DevaModels, arrived looking fresh faced and fabulous, while our stylists were more bleary-eyed and craving coffee.

As the hair and make-up team from Smack Ibiza worked their magic on Sarah – click here to find out how – our stylists Kristie and Sarah pored over mood boards with photographers Ana Lui and Sofía Gómez Fonzo to get in the mood. The brief was to capture a beautiful girl on the beach – looking bohemian but not too hippy, looking natural but perfectly put together at the same time, feeling happy but not having too much fun. After all – it’s serious stuff spending the day looking glamorous on a beach in Ibiza!

The beach at Es Cavallet was, as always, a microcosm of glorious sunshine, blue skies and soft sand. Our day was a blur of hopping in and out of the sand dunes with suitcases and bags full of clothes, traipsing from one end of the lengthy beach to the other in search of power points for emergency hair tonging due to strong winds and smoothing sand with our bare hands to get rid of rabbit footprints (and droppings – eww!), our own footprints and any stray twigs, dirt and rubbish to set the perfect scene.

The results? Picture perfect of course. Our team went home happy, tired (and slightly hungry), each with a mental shopping list of pieces from the collection they’d be buying once it was available online – that’s right now!

Click here to view the shoot – White island spirit

Photography by Sofía Gómez Fonzo

Call time
6.30am – Monday morning

Es Cavallet

Ana Lui

Behind the scenes photographer
Sofía Gómez Fonzo

Sarah M @ DevaModels

Sara @ Smack Ibiza using MAC Pro

Elia @ Smack Ibiza using Label M

Kristie Rogers & Sara Elkabas for White Ibiza