Behind the scenes in Dalt Vila

The forecast was perfect, the locations scouted, snapped on iPhones and matched with outfits, we had our dream team assembled… what could possible go wrong, right?

As (seemingly) always, the weather forecast had tricked us and there were low clouds hanging right over our beautiful location – the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site Dalt Vila, aka Ibiza’s old town – and the team sat huddled over mugs of steaming tea in our stylist’s apartment, watching, waiting, praying for the sun to burn the clouds away.

Photographer Maria Simon had jetted in from Paris the night before, while model Rachel had recently returned to the island from a winter of traveling that included Italy and India, so conversations turned to exotic location and fancy food as our hair stylist from Smack Ibiza tamed Rachel’s curly hair into a beautiful braid and make-up artist Corina followed our dreamy, vintage inspired mood boards.

With two cats underfoot – and getting into every last bag, suitcase and hat out of typical cat-style curiosity – and six girls crammed into a living room, it was an interesting start to the day, but the minute the sun came out and we stepped out into the magical cobbled streets, the rest of the day ran like magic.

The brief: A beautiful girl, strolling the streets of Dalt Vila in days gone by – Ibiza’s dreamy heyday, when everyone in the neighbourhood knew everyone, dresses were long, peace and love were everywhere. With gasps of “Oh! It’s so Dolce & Gabbana” and “Oh my god she’s like a real life Disney princess” from the crew, we figured we’d managed to capture that magical spirit on camera and the amount of ‘likes’ on our Instagram feeds later that day seemed to prove our point exactly!

Click here to view the shoot – Gypsy woman

8am – Wednesday morning

Dalt Vila

Maria Simon

Sofía Gómez Fonzo

Rachel @ DevaModels

Corina @ Smack Ibiza using MAC Pro

Nicola @ Smack Ibiza

Kristie Rogers & Sarah Elkabas for White Ibiza