Ibiza style: Behind the scenes – On a boat to Formentera

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” So said all of our crew when we assembled in the slick new Marina Ibiza to embark on a journey to Formentera for our 2015 swimsuit shoot.  It’s not that our boat was small, by any means – at 37ft, the Hunton has a capacity for seven people plus the captain – it was just that we had SO. MUCH. STUFF. to store onboard not to mention eight people in our team!

Our happy captain for the day (most men would kill to swap places for the day!) Rory assured us there was plenty of space, and our bulky bags of one-piece swimsuits, men’s swim shorts, boxes and boxes of sunglasses from B London Boutique Ibiza, ziplocked bags of jewellery, suitcases of hair and make-up products plus our personal belongings were all stored safely in the lower deck.

In terms of people however, there was no room for compromise and we had to leave a crew member behind… which worked out well in the end, as our backstage photographer Sofía Gómez Fonzo, confessed to suffering from seasickness. We waved her off as we whizzed out of the Marina and onto the high seas, speeding across to the crystalline waters of Es Palmador at 9am, before the fleets of charter yachts would descend on the paradisiacal island for the day.

We had to hand it to our models – they were both total pros when it came to keeping their balance on the gently rocking bow all in the name of getting a good shot – it turned out our gorgeous chica Anastasia was actually a professional flyboarder (and can also play saxophone while hovering in the air, if you can believe that!) which explained her prowess on her feet.

While we were all busy fussing over the models, removing shine, swapping outfits and ensuring they were protected from the sun’s harsh rays… we forgot to use sunscreen ourselves which meant two very lobster-eque White-ettes at the end of the shoot. As we cruised back to Ibiza just a little after lunchtime, we were finally able to relax and laze about on the boat now that the hard work was over, imagining what it would be like if that were our real lives every day. Dream a little dream…

7.30am – White Ibiza HQ
9am – Marina Ibiza

On board the ‘Remedy’ – a slick Hunton XRS37 boat taking us to the clear turquoise sea between Es Palmador and Formentera

Alberto Alcocer

Sofía Gómez Fonzo

Anastasia & Jose @ DevaModels

Corina @ Smack Ibiza using MAC Pro

Elia @ Smack Ibiza

Kristie Rogers for White Ibiza Boutique