Behind the scenes: La Escollera

A shoot without any drama? Can that really be possible in Ibiza? For once (and hopefully not for the last time), the lead up to our editorial shoot went smoothly. Beautiful model booked? Check. Photographer and hair and make-up team available? Check. Collections arrived in time from the designers? Check. And last but certainly not least, we scored a picture perfect location at beautiful Ibiza beach restaurant La Escollera.

The restaurant – also the location of our very own Beachside Boutique – had just opened for dinner that week, and we knew from our own dining experiences that it was the perfect place to showcase our new collection made up of light, fun summer party dresses that have just the right amount of beading and sequins to go from day-to-night.

Our assistants for the day – our mini-fashionista Little Miss White and her trusty (also white) pooch companion Jack – kept us entertained between shots and although the humidity was super-high and the sea breeze was strong, hair and make-up artist Corina managed to continuously tame model Simone’s hair into a sleek and sexy ‘do.

Although the restaurant had only been open for dinner for a few nights, it was busy on the sandy terrace, so our team did their best to stay out of the diners’ way when choosing the locations for the shots. Luckily, we had our boutique to set up inside – meaning none of our mood boards blew away or clothing had to hang from makeshift rails. A nice change from lugging around bags of shoes, jewellery and accessories on foot all day long!

7.30pm – Wednesday evening
White Ibiza HQ

La Escollera, Es Cavallet

Maria Simon

Sofía Gómez Fonzo

Simone @ DevaModels

Corina @ Smack Ibiza using MAC Pro

Sara & Corina @ Smack Ibiza

Kristie Rogers for White Ibiza Boutique