Ibiza style: Designer interview: Georgia Thompson – Evarae

Founder and creative director of luxury resortwear and swim label Evarae, Georgia Thompson never had any doubt as to the career path she wanted to follow. Always encouraged to be creative as a child, her family lived a bohemian existence, travelling the world and spending time in exotic destinations, including Ibiza, while searching for inspiration for her stepfather’s yacht designs.

A major influence was her au pair, who was always sketching for her own studies at Central St Martin’s Fashion College around the fascinated budding creative. It wasn’t long until Georgia caught the design bug, and began on the path that would lead her to enrol in the same prestigious college to study women’s wear. After graduating, Georgia worked for renowned brands such as Reiss, Topshop, French Connection and Heidi Klein. In 2016, the time felt right for Georgia to branch out on her own and Evarae was born.

What inspired you to launch Evarae?

After working in the corporate world, I picked up all the skills required to start my own business. My work was beginning to become a bit too corporate and everything I loved – travel and the natural environment – was not being realised, so I decided to create my own label. My love of travel is a big inspiration for Evarae.

Where does the brand name come from?

I was looking for a name that would represent my brand. I love the water and I remembered how I felt as a child spending many summers messing about aboard my stepfather’s small and modest boat called Evarae.

Tell us about the Evarae design philosophy?

I think as a brand, our swimwear is for all women. I really understand the fit and quality of a woman’s body – there are mathematics involved in the design in order to cover a woman’s body shape. The core idea of starting my brand was to create something for all different body shapes. All our pieces can be mixed and matched. Some women prefer a tie string bottom and a halter neck top or a larger bottom.

How did this come about?

Sometimes in the industry, a lot of swimwear is shot on models and doesn’t give a representation of how well it suits all women. Swimwear is so important and at the same time tricky to get right – cover-ups too. I’m only 5’2″ and could never find a kaftan to fit. I would always have to chop at least a foot off! Our kaftans come in a petite. Different stockists want to see this too.

What are your production processes like?

It starts with silk printed in Como, where all the best silk in the world is printed. We only use small quantities. Then the silk is shipped to India where the specialised embroidery takes place. The artisans in India offer so much inspiration – I have spent many years there and love the culture and the spirituality. We are really proud that our swimwear is made in Europe – we work with a small factory outside Rimini in Italy – it’s a family-run business. They also work with high-end brands such as La Perla.

Who do you see as an Evarae girl?

We have a broad demographic and this comes back to how our swimwear is not for just one body type. Our Seona maxi detail kaftan in Azure looks stunning on a young 22-year old girl and a 55-year old woman. The brand has great quality, lasting pieces that last more than just a few seasons.

How do you describe your personal style?

In London, I play it safe and wear a lot of black, olive and tan colours, but my style changes once I get to Ibiza – I throw in flouro!

What is your connection to Ibiza?

I’ve been coming to Ibiza for 10 years now. My mum lives here. She was planning on moving to mainland Spain and I convinced her to take a trip to Ibiza to check it out. She literally moved here, six weeks after! Now, whenever I step off the plane, I feel like I’m home. I love the whole feel and vibe of the place. There are two sides to Ibiza: the luxurious side and the bohemian. The two go beautifully together. I love music, but more recently I’ve fallen in love with the quieter seasons – away from the beach and into the countryside.

Does the island provide inspiration for your work?

Definitely. Ibiza had a big effect on me as a person. I watch what people are wearing. I see the prints and florals they wear and I love the bohemian slightly feminine energy.

Are any particular pieces in the SS17 collections designed with Ibiza in mind?

The piece that most represents Ibiza is the blue Seona kaftan. Luxury fused with a classic feel.

Where do you see Evarae slotting into the Ibiza landscape?

I would love more of a presence here. A few years ago, it was only about clubs and flashy table service but now it’s more about luxury travel experiences. This means a new type of customer coming into the island and I’d love to have a few more boutiques stocking my brand – not everywhere, I still want to keep the exclusivity. That’s why I’m so excited about my online collaboration with White Ibiza. It’s the perfect audience.

How important is it for you to connect with customers online?

I think it’s really important. The voice of your brand can put you in front of your target customer. Recently social media has become oversaturated, so it’s important to have a really consistent story that is authentic.

What’s next for Evarae?
Improving the collection. Making it even more accessible to all women and adding footwear and accessories as well as travel accessories. I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I am doing now, and I don’t take anything for granted.

Interview by Leena Bhatti

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