Ibiza style: Digital magazine exclusive – Fashion with a heart

In a world where fashion is often seen as fleeting or fast, there is one very special Ibiza designer living her dreams in the slow lane, enjoying the view, the experience and taking time to pick up others and help them along their way too. But it was never going to be any other way for Victoria Durrer-Gasse – who humbly doesn’t label herself as a fashion designer, rather (and more humbly) a global designer who takes traditional clothing and gives it a wearable, modern twist.

“Fashion is a really personal thing for me,” says Victoria. “I love it, it’s a passion… more like a hobby.” It’s a hobby with a heart, as the talented textiles queen works very closely with NGOs in Bali, Laos, Nepal and India to ensure money made from her creations always goes back to the women in the communities who helped produce the beautiful handiwork, from textile weaving and traditional hand embroidery to appliqueing and much more.

Whether it’s a bright, hand-dyed silk velvet frock hand-embroidered with beautiful butterflies, a silk kimono that has been painstakingly block-printed by hand or antique designs customised with appliqué or trimmed with antique ribbons, with each of Victoria’s famously colourful creations, nothing is quite as it seems. Every piece of fabric, every button, every ribbon, every jewel and every detail has a story and, as the labels proudly say, are made with love and laughter. “And there generally is a lot of laughter,” says the charismatic designer honestly, as she peruses the colourful rails at La Galeria Elefante with a fondness as if the clothes were her ‘babies’, giving us the lowdown on her collaborations with fair trade foundations around the world…

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