Ibiza style: From rags to Rolex

Tattoo artist, designer, collector of oddities, guardian of Scratch… whatever you call him – and you can bet he’s been called a lot worse – Inkadelic founder Neil Ahern is one of the world’s most recognisable names when it comes to tattooing. Based on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Spain, this gold-toothed industry stalwart is a testament to the original romance and nomadic spirit of the art and its traditions, with authenticity and integrity at the heart of every piece that comes out of his studio.

In 2015, the artist lends his hand to designs that will adorn the faces of the world’s most famous timepieces, proof that that tattooing is now well and truly recognised and celebrated as an art form. Rolex Pro Hunter collaborates with only the finest designers and artists from around the world to create exclusive limited edition pieces – steel Rolex sports watches – coveted by collectors, watch enthusiasts and purveyors of luxury and style alike.

But it wasn’t always high fashion, designer accessories and celebrity clients for Neil. Born in 1968 in Kent, England, he felt a strong desire to be different from a very early age. Always drawing and collecting oddities, while other kids wanted to go to Disneyland, he felt his calling was to join rebel fighters in Nicaragua. Devouring National Geographic magazines, and articles on tribes and scarification, Neil was fascinated with the permanence of body modification and began marking and scarring himself with geometric designs from the age of eight.

It seemed a life less ordinary was always on the cards.

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