Ibiza style: More than a pretty facet

Humans have been obsessed with sparkling chunks of mineral for millennia. The Ancient Egyptians were buried with quartz on their foreheads to guide their passage into the afterlife and crushed lapis lazuli was smeared onto the eyelids of royal women to promote awareness and recall the Goddess Isis. The ancient Chinese believed ingesting hardwearing stones such as jade or hematite would increase longevity. The Greeks thought rubbing hematite on the body would protect them in battle and the ancient Vedic culture of India used crystals to heal emotional and metaphysical imbalances. Not to mention the more than twenty gemstones featured in the Bible. From birthstones to engagement rings to crystal medicine, we continue to love gems for their beauty, mythology and symbolism.

In Ibiza the person to go to for gemstone knowledge is Cyd Hutton of JOY Jewellery. Cyd is a jeweller, shamanic practitioner and lover of life. She first came to Ibiza in the 1990s as part of the tribe of well-established travelling traders who commuted between India, South East Asia and Ibiza for decades.

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