Ibiza style: Glam Ibiza – What’s in my carry-on?

Laura Boland of Glam Ibiza says aeroplanes are the scourge of most skin problems when arriving at your destination. Aside from inhaling everyone else’s summer colds as the stale air circulates around the cabin, the air conditioning is also sucking every last drop of moisture from your skin cells and stripping away the delicate ph balance that prevents break-outs and irritation. Perfect conditions really for that flawless skin you had pictured for your first day of pool-lounging at Destino… argh!

The good news is you you can take control and protect your skin during and directly after your flight. Your carry-on luggage, whilst now restricted by security guidelines, really can be your skin saviour for the next few hours of your flight. Even if you have hold luggage, I cannot encourage you enough to pack a small jiffy bag of 100ml or less with skin care saviours to protect your skin for the next few hours.

Switch to a clean and natural brand of make-up, such as Bare Minerals. Keep the skin as clean as possible before you even enter the cabin. The processed air around the cabin loves an oily, made-up face; plenty of opportunity to irritate and grow bacteria. So reduce this chance and go for something colouring and preservative free. Bare Minerals foundations are powder-based, so also give you more room in your clear toiletries sealed bag for liquid items.

Ideally, for those of you who are brave enough, go make-up free for your flight, especially if you suffer from adult acne or are prone to irritation. If you think you might scare someone away by your non-made up appearance, pre-book your seats. Bag seat 1A and disappear as soon as the flight touches down… like a certain celebrity did on one of my flights to Ibiza

In my opinion, you cannot beat Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – now available in an oil (see my last blog on facial oils)! A beautiful medium based product that literally feels like a bullet-proof barrier to the harmful environment your skin now finds itself in. Infused with Tsubaki oil, the mother of all ultra-hydrating ingredients. apply to the skin and allow to absorb as you sit back and sip on your Evian (remember to stay booze-free during the flight to prevent double dehydration and dark circles – plenty of time for cocktails once you get to the beach).

Target treatment
If you suffer from breakouts, apply an anti-bacterial treatment. Try Dermalogica Break Out Control, which contains Colloidal Silver known to help eliminate bacteria and control acne

For those with dark circles, especially if you are on the red eye, glide on Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator to smooth and brighten.

Lips are often forgotten and can become super dry due to air conditioning in the cabin. Remember they are also going to take a hammering in the sunshine and again in the evenings when buried under two inches of Chanel Ultra Wear lippy. Try Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex. This conditioning, restorative balm helps to smooth and infuse lips with moisture.

All of my product recommendations are 100ml or less in size. You can decant or take them in full size without worrying about getting through security fully intact. So get comfy, drink water like your life depended on it, chuck on your eye mask and arrive looking smooth, plump and hydrated… until tomorrow morning at 6am anyway!

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