Ibiza style: Ibiza – Forever in fashion

Ibiza is a remarkable island and from the very moment I set foot upon its dusty red soil, I was smitten. Bright white sunshine floods the Mediterranean Sea and the fine aroma of pine forest follows wherever you go. I simply love the cultural diversity, the sense of freedom, the unique energy and natural beauty of this magical island. The fashion, therefore, is no exception!

The amazing thing about Ibiza is that it can really influence the way you want to look. You may have come with a suitcase full of your favourite summer pieces and then suddenly you’re thrown because you’re starting to see people dress with a different sense of spirit. For example, we’re seeing a lot of pom poms, and tassels in Ibiza and it’s nostalgic. When you look at what it really is referencing, it’s retro 70s style

The minute you say 70s, there’s no doubt Ibiza comes to the forefront of people’s minds. It’s that chic bohemia, music and culture, all creating what I call effortless fashion – where everybody looks so beautiful, as if they haven’t made any effort at all. Though of course they’ve spent a long time planning those looks to within an inch of their lives!

For me, less is more. Take an element from the 70s and salute it, but don’t do it from head to toe or you can start to look awkward, or worse, like fancy dress. Take the headband or choose the sunglasses with the yellow lenses. Personally, I am a huge fan of the kimono vibe we’re seeing in abundance here. Whether you go to Vicente Ganesha or SPRMRKT for vintage pieces, to Mayurka for your designer labels or just to the high street and Zara, you can find a dressing gown style piece that will instantly revamp your current suitcase to be more Ibiza style. Or if a kimono feels like too much, opt for an amazing kaftan. It’s still that 70s look and you’ll start to feel at home instantly.

If the 70s feel a bit too out of your comfort zone, try adding an amazing piece of statement jewellery. It’s always a great thing to buy when you’re on holiday – there’s something so nostalgic about taking jewellery home. I’m not talking about the kind of pieces you’d wear day to day, but beach jewellery. Or work with the concept of layering jewellery. Ibiza is all about self-expression, and layering jewellery over a simple look is a great way to achieve that. I am a big fan of Circa Ibiza and True Rocks – both brands are designed around layering individual pieces to suit your personality.

Ibiza fashion is all about creating a sense of spirit and making you feel as though you are part of a community… without dressing like the local hippy. It’s all about mixing genres. I like mixing old and new – it gives your look individuality. It gives it curiosity. And it makes it look like you’ve enjoyed putting it together. Just like food shopping in Ibiza, you’ve got to go to about ten shops to get everything you need. You can’t just go to one shop for a head to toe look, but it’s more of an adventure that way.

I think anything goes in Ibiza. I love that I can go out to dinner dressed up and be sitting next to a group in shorts and t-shirts and that’s ok! We’re all having a good time, kicking back and relaxing the way we want. This is your holiday. I really believe you can curate whatever you want for your experience here on the island and when it comes to fashion, it’s the same. It’s all about a moment and feeling comfortable in that moment. When you’re living in the moment, you can say ‘this is right for me, right now’. But less is always more.

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