Dial-a-stylist: Renu Kashyap, Style By Renu

Personal shopper, fashion stylist, wardrobe executive – call her what you will, but one thing’s for sure. If you call on the services of Styled by Renu’s namesake Renu Kashyap, you’re guaranteed the joy of retail therapy without any of the stress of shopping.

A true Ibiza style expert, Renu – who relocated to Ibiza in 2012 but has been visiting for many years – works with busy women (and their hubbies and kids!) who love the Ibiza look, but just don’t have the time or in some cases, the know-how, to put it together themselves. “My clients are a jetset crowd, but with free-spirited minds. They love enjoying life, decadence and luxury without being pretentious,” she says. “So many people are super busy and don’t want to have to think about what shoes and bag go with what dress, or drive around the island looking for the best shops… and I LOVE to do that, so it’s perfect!”

“Ibiza style is an attitude – it’s not about buying Birkin bags in every colour!” Renu says, explaining there is no one-look-fits-all approach to styling. “Style is also about the books you read, the perfume you wear, the types of flowers you like to have on the table, the plates you eat from and so much more. Plus, what suits me won’t suit you, and vice versa. You need to have the vision to adapt trends to suit each client’s body shape, colouring and personal style.”

For the initial consultation, Renu meets clients in their villa or hotel, examining their closet and analysing their hair, skin, eyes and figure shape while getting to know more about their unique personalities. She discusses exactly what they are looking for – is it an outfit for a special occasion like an Ibiza wedding, an ensemble to fit a specific dress code at a villa party, a holiday capsule collection or a complete wardrobe overhaul? Anything is possible, all the way down to creating personalised lookbooks on request, cataloguing each new look in a photo for her clients so they know exactly how to style themselves when she’s gone.

While her clients are enjoying sailing trips to Formentera and Ibiza’s best beach clubs and restaurants, Renu hits the road (and also the internet!), traversing the island in order to return with a selection of the very best clothing and accessories tailored to suit their personalities, style and existing wardrobe pieces. “There’s not one specific shopping district in Ibiza, or even a high street – you really have to know your way around to find the best things.” All the while battling Ibiza’s steamy summer climates!

Later on, in the comfort of your holiday abode, in front of your own mirror, the fun begins. Renu presents her selection, displayed on railings like your own private boutique, for a try-before-you-buy session that can be as simple or as fun as you like. Just add cava, a hair and make-up artist and in some cases even a DJ, and by the end of the session you can be frocked up in your new finest, ready to hit the VIP at Pacha.

Renu’s fashion credentials speak for themselves – after graduating as a designer from an acclaimed fashion academy in Amsterdam, she fell in love with the instant gratification of styling after assisting on a high profile magazine shoot. Renu went on to become a fashion magazine director herself, working all over the world creating glamorous photo shoots and dressing celebrities for their red carpet moments.

But her love affair with fashion started long before this – as a little girl, she would snip up her mothers saris (without permission!) to make herself new dresses and was fascinated with clothes, accessories and patterns. “We’d go shopping for my new clothes when I was a little girl and I’d lay them all out on the floor and fall asleep just looking at them… and then when I woke up I was happy to see them again!”

Later, as a teenager, she coveted her mother’s ‘60s wardrobe pieces, and would be the odd one out in bell-bottom jeans and ‘70s style clothing while her friends were embracing the “ugly dress code” when house music hot it big in the Netherlands in the ‘90s. To this day, although she doesn’t limit herself to one style, Renu still has a strong connection to the ‘70s aesthetic, always in the most chic direction, along the lines of Anita Pallenberg or Lauren Hutton.

“I’ve also always loved luxurious, high quality pieces. I love beautiful things, but I’d rather have less and make sure they are really timeless,” she explains, a less is more philosophy that she brings into her work in Ibiza. “In the past, I’ve been a collector. I had boxes and boxes of things, but Ibiza changed me. Now I am really organised, super selective and I know exactly what I want. I’ve come a long way in 13 years!”

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