Ibiza style: Hanamer by Shiran Dascal at Lamuella Ibiza Boutique

Those who find themselves on the white isle amongst the rustling pine trees of the north will instantly feel its difference, vibe and energy. A tranquil oasis away from the summer crowds, yet still burgeoning with its laid back bohemian lifestyle, full of characters from all walks of life – a seemingly perfect fit for designer Shiran Dascal, one of the partners behind Lamuella Ibiza, to curate and design her boutique full of stylish treasures, including her very own brand, Hanamer.

A world traveller by heart, with collecting and designing in her blood, Shiran – who hails from Israel – found herself ravelled up in a beautiful love affair in Goa where she felt the call to surrender to her creative abilities and thus Hanamer; translating to ‘tiger’ in Hebrew, was born. Referring to herself as a “traveller looking for treasures,” Shiran spent years in South East Asia and India amassing antique jewellery, vintage embroidery, and inspirations from nature and tribal patterns and began her designing through handcrafted, block printed scarves.

Today, her brand (which Shiran lovingly refers to as ‘wearable art’) comes in the form of home décor, stylish dresses, luxe tote bags and also includes special collector’s items discovered during her travels. Shiran specifically uses manufactures in India because of the traditional weaving techniques and the fabrics available. Many of her timeless designs are made from India’s famous raw silk, organic cotton and linen; natural, pure, easily treated by hand and very breathable in climates like Ibiza.

Stars of the Hanamer collection include the luxe boho tote bag; its colourful design was taken from a handmade vintage Indian blanket, cut and adorned with a genuine leather frame and trendy fringed tassels. Also elegant and in her original scarf collection is a 25-gram raw silk design with handmade trim, adapted from a tribal necklace now printed on its silk; perfect to throw in your bag for a chilled out island evening or for laying on one of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches. A special collection of items which exude authenticity are the hand woven Indian blankets used in traditional mantra and ritual ceremonies, where each embroidered design is unique to its region in the northern Himalayas.

Perusing through the Hanamer collection alongside the six additional collective designers displayed in the stylish Lamuella Ibiza Boutique, you get a sense of a common theme or language throughout the pieces. Each is extraordinary in its own way, perhaps telling a story about where it came from or which delicate hands of a fair trade worker manufactured it; but the elegance and quality speak for themselves. It’s the perfect free-spirited, edgy and contemporary fashion collection the island has been waiting for.

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