Ibiza style: Must-buy – Wardrobe of Dreams Jackets at Las Dos Lunas

With a heat wave washing over Europe, it’s almost impossible to imagine layering clothes, yet any Ibiza fashionista worth her Salinas salt knows now is the time to be scouting the stores for the hottest new autumn collections. There’s a reason they call it ‘fashion forward’ after all!

At Las Dos Lunas, one of the island’s most iconic fine dining destinations, new collections designed by Giada Lucarini have just arrived to her in-house boutique, Wardrobe of Dreams. Beautiful light jackets with metallic, Military-inspired embroidered details are the ideal pieces to keep on hand for those end-of-season Ibiza nights, when a chilly breeze comes over the island just as you’re skipping between restaurant or bar to club, or from club to car in the early hours.