Ibiza style: Meet the jeweller – Enric Majoral, Majoral

Beautiful jewellery shop Majoral brings an all-new unique and extraordinary style statement to the old town of Ibiza. Drawing in on the imitable elements of the Mediterranean, and its socially responsible ethos of obtaining metals, it’s the perfect shop to find simple and extravagant pieces that are unlike anything else you’ll see on the island – the brand was born in Ibiza’s sister island Formentera. Upon setting foot in the intimate, yet gorgeous showroom, you’ll quickly see that every piece is ravelled in its own intimate story, exuding a timeless beauty.

Spanish gold and silversmith Enric Majoral spent his formative years exploring alternative lifestyles and the purpose of existence while honing his talent at a jeweller. Today he owns showrooms and workshops in Formentera, Barcelona and now Ibiza. It is within these spaces he tells his story and expresses his language through his jewellery.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am from Barcelona and when I was younger, I craved to get away from the pressures society puts on you. I travelled through various European countries; I made my way through North Africa, Asia and India and finally Ibiza and Formentera during the hippy revolution. During the late 60s and 70s, the islands were full of fantastic and creative people, and I fell in love with the simplicity and natural way of life. I decided to stay for a little bit, and it was then that I started working with my hands – as a way of making a living and as a way to express my creativity.

Who are the team behind Majoral?

My entire family is the team behind Majoral. It was in Formentera where I met my wife and since then we have worked together and created this jewellery line. My daughter is in charge of the image and communications, and my son is also a jeweller. The objective of living in Formentera was to live alternatively and to be close with my family, away from society ideals and schedules. I worked at home so I could spend time with my family; to live a creative life, as living and working at the same time is something special.

How did you come up with the concept?

Majoral is contemporary jewellery, the art of expression and language through the jewellery. It tells an intimate story between the protagonist (the stone) and the subject (the body). Although being modern in design, each piece is exceptionally unique in its own way as the elements of the collection are derived from different eras and fragments of time. The collection draws in and takes the beauty out of ancient cultures and religions; think thousand-year-old traditions coming through in the form of beautiful stones, noble materials, wood, ceramics, Posidonia (Ibiza and Formentera’s protected species of seaweed) and other elements of the Mediterranean.

How do you describe the style of jewellery?

It is very stylish and unique. Each piece has its own story, and the relationship between the piece and the inspiration is very intimate. The base materials are silver, gold and beautiful stones. Some are simple and elegant, while others are hand painted in vibrant colours and are much more complex. Decadent details, perfect placement of stones, and occasionally matte in appearance. They represent experimentation with form, movement, weight and

What are your future plans for Majoral?

I want the people of Ibiza, visitors and residents alike to know about Majoral. We have shops in Formentera and Barcelona, but we really want to make Majoral jewellery accessible to everyone. It is special jewellery, with a special story and we want to grow internationally through the island.

What is it about Ibiza and Formentera, why do you choose to live and work here?

It was, and is a source of inspiration. Back then it was a fantastic place for creatives to meet; ceramicists, painters, jewellers and leather artisans. Everything has meaning here, and is full of special materials that are timeless, and have so much significance. It’s full of spirit where past cultures and traditions are very much alive, and this is why I am here.