Ibiza style: Colour Me Happy by Moi&Toi

It’s a well-known fact men just don’t like shopping, but little boys on the other hand – when greeted with a shop full of vibrant colourful goodies like Moi&Toi in Ibiza town – are a little more enthusiastic.

Why wouldn’t they be? With awesome printed shirts and motif-emblazoned matching shorts by 10×10 An Italian Theory they can be the most stylish chicos on the block! With the SS16 collection boasting fun beach ball prints in bright colours that mean mum and dad will never lose him in a crowd, or more pared back blues with a paper boat print, the quality of this brand is unquestionable.

If he’s been a good boy during the shopping expedition, there are also plenty of fun things to reward him with for good behavior, such as the soft and squishy New Beatle by Oeuf NY and fun colouring ‘It’s a Small World’ pencils that are a collaboration between Disney and Whitbread Wilkinson among the many wonderful toys, games and accessories on offer at Moi&Toi.