Ibiza style: Moi&Toi – Giving back to the global community

Cool concept store Moi&Toi has become the go-to destination in Ibiza for parents with hip, well-dressed kids. Set in the centre of Ibiza town, the boutique stocks contemporary, high-end clothing for boys and girls who know their trends, and their own minds. It’s not just little fashionistas that are catered for here either. Owners Maurizio Scarselli and Mia Rigo-Saitta also provide brand new wardrobes for prized pooches, should your furry friend need a fashion update. All things fashion aside, in 2017 Moi&Toi are doing things a little differently, focusing on schemes that allow them to give back to the global community.

This summer sees Maurizio and Mia collaborating on two unique ethical initiatives. The first is in partnership with the world-renowned SEP Jordan, an organisation working with women refugees; the second is a joint effort with the Somnang Association, a French charity fighting to improve the living conditions of children in Cambodia. In both instances, the aim is to pay some good fortune forward – a way to spread some positive vibes in the world.

SEP Jordan produces hand-embroidered accessories that combine the intricate hallmarks of Middle-Eastern craftsmanship with high class Italian style. The result is one-of-a-kind fashion accessories made by women refugees, who work using techniques passed down from generations before them. Moi&Toi have teamed up with SEP to produce the company’s quintessential hand-woven towels and beach bags – in different sizes to accommodate mum and daughter, naturally – in a range of stunning Ibiza colours. Each stitch on these accessories has been embroidered by one single artist, and in buying one of these items, you’re helping to empower and provide professional and economic stability for each and every woman who works on them.

In addition, Moi&Toi’s partnership with the Somnang Association offers support for younger generations, this time in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. The couple directly support the charity, which has the primary aim of raising as much money as possible to educate as many children as possible in the impoverished capital. The foundation provides children with a place to rest, learn and eat, in an otherwise inhospitable environment. The overall aim of course, is to raise awareness as much as it is to raise money – if each and every person who visits Moi&Toi learns about these initiatives, that in itself is a step in the right direction.

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