Ibiza style: Moi&Toi – Playful fashion

Childhood seems to fly past in the blink of an eye these days. Thanks to round-the-clock world connections, a bombardment of influences and reams of celebrity news, kids know their own minds from an increasingly young age. It seems as though they’re born with a fierce sense of independence; absolutely determined to express themselves by wearing what they like and saying how they feel. Fortunately, in Ibiza, stylish kids’ boutique Moi&Toi caters for kids with discerning sartorial taste. Here, they’re allowed to exert their opinions and desires while also keeping things playful – they’re able to dress themselves while remembering that fashion can and should be fun.

Set amid the cobbled streets of Ibiza town, Moi&Toi is a one-stop shop for parents with children who know their own minds and like to dress accordingly. It’s a store with rail upon rail of hand curated fashion, featuring a range of the best children’s brands from all across the globe. From high-end luxurious items to wear at events, to throw-it-on-and-go pieces to wear while running around on the beach – there’s something to suit every need and mood. And importantly, each item encourages a sense of childlike wonder – in fashion itself and the surrounding world.

Take Stella Jean, for example. This brand fuses together cultures from the creator’s upbringing – she has an Italian father and a Haitian mother – and combines them with clean, couture lines. Bright colours sit alongside ethnic patterns, animals come alive with vibrancy, and stripes and texture all add to the richness of the collection. In store, you’ll find items including a pair of khaki coloured, cargo style trousers enhanced with a tribal leg stripe, and cute as a button white brocade tops with a splash of uplifting colour.

Elsewhere, there are more toned-down brands like American Outfitters, which offer more relaxed items suitable for both girls and boys. Ideal for tearing down dusty caminos or going exploring in the campo, this brand is all about laid-back luxe. Think white cotton, long sleeved shirts with multi-coloured shimmered stripes and tassels tied to the collar adding a dash of fun, paired with simple, olive-hued shorts that allow maximum freedom while out seeking adventures. Cool and relaxed but still trendy, this is a brand that can be worn anywhere for anything while still keeping comfort at the heart of everything it does.

Much loved additional brands include No. 21, which seamlessly combines urban edge with bold colours and strong shapes – see the rainbow-inspired dress above, and Monnalisa, a brand that caters to girls with little princess fantasies. Disney characters are strongly featured in all these designs, so while strong florals and bright colours look like dominant elements, look closer and you discover Jungle Book characters peeping out from behind the petals. Paired with a pair of flower adorned, bright yellow flip flops, and you’ve got a bona fide diva on your hands.

Yporque is another of the most popular in-store brands. These collections are designed specifically to inspire play and excite the imagination. So some shirts have hoods that double as superhero masks, some pieces glow in the dark, and some come with props – like the bright yellow t-shirt that comes complete with a key fob for making sound, and trousers with wings attached to the pocket. And that’s the whole premise at Moi & Toi. Here, the focus is on allowing kids to express themselves but simultaneously not taking fashion too seriously, after all, it’s through play that we learn our greatest lessons – and perhaps we could all do with embracing that idea a little more.